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Garbage, Trash, Recycling, & Brush

Residential Trash Collection in the Borough is done every Tuesday morning.

There is a Stonington Borough Ordinance (SBO-07) that addresses the collection of household and commercial garbage, trash, recycling, and brush.  This ordinance states that garbage must be kept in closed and secured containers, tightly sealed, in order for it not to be accessible to animals. On the day of collection ONLY, unprotected yellow bags may be put at the curb after 6 am.


This means that for those of you who prefer to put your trash out the evening (or weekend) before - your yellow bags MUST be placed in secured containers with a lid.  DO NOT leave your yellow bags out on the curb prior to the day of collection (Tuesday), or this can happen.


Thank you for your compliance with this ordinance and for helping us keep the Borough clean!  If you have problems or questions about trash collection, call the Town Solid Waste Department at 860-535-5099.


Brush and leaves are picked up by the Borough Highway Department on the first Monday of each month.  When the first Monday is a holiday, the pickup is on the Tuesday following the first Monday. Such materials shall be placed at curb side on the appointed day. They shall be contained in paper (not plastic) bags or open containers or in bundles tied with string. The bundles shall be no longer than 4 feet and weigh less than 40 pounds.




Link to Town Recycling Page - Click here

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